Lent Retreat - Finding a Home in This World

Frank Griswold and Barbara Braver

Lent Retreat - Finding a Home in This World

Mar 1-4
Daylesford Abbey

To the Children of Israel in the wilderness, the Egypt they had known as slaves was more “home” than the promise of a land that lay ahead.  Finding a home in this world is an invitation to explore what “Egypts” we are being invited to relinquish in order to travel to the promised land of life in Christ which is our true home.  As with the Children of Israel, the journey is not a straight line forward, but a route that takes us backwards as well as forward, and sometimes has us travel in circles.  Yet all of it has one direction; toward home in the One who said, “Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home in them.”

Our annual retreat is moving back to the beginning of Lent. A wonderful time to come away for a few days and engage in some personal spiritual reflection.

Bishop Griswold and Barbara Braver have led these popular retreats for PTI over the last dozen years.  Daylesford Abbey, a monastery in Paoli, Pennsylvania, provides a peaceful and comfortable setting for spiritual renewal, quiet time and learning in the company of a small group of other retreatants.

The retreat costs $400 - a $200 deposit is due by the 31st January and the remainder can be paid at the retreat (check to 'Philadelphia Theological Institute'). This includes accommodation, all food and hospitality and the costs of our speakers. If that would be an obstacle to your coming on this retreat, please email Dana, and we can happily provide some scholarship assistance as necessary.

Availability on this retreat is limited, so please secure your place by registering today! To register, please email dana@philadelphiatheologicalinstitute.org