Discipleship Matters

Discipleship Matters

2pm Monday through noon Wednesday Oct 16-18

Hosted by St Thomas Whitemarsh, in partnership with the Diocese and RenewalWorks, we're pleased to advertise the upcoming Discipleship Matters conference.

This conference will offer keynote presentations, workshops, and networking time, and will be undergirded with Eucharist and the Daily Office. The conference will include findings from RenewalWorks, a research-based Forward Movement initiative that has identified key catalysts for spiritual vitality in congregations and for individuals. A focus on discipleship is one of those primary catalysts, based on research from nearly half a million participants across the country.

“In our work with RenewalWorks, we have learned a great deal about how to encourage spiritual growth and deeper practices in congregations,” said the Rev. Jay Sidebotham, director of RenewalWorks. “This conference gives us a wonderful way to share practices that work.”

The people of St. Thomas’ Church look forward to hosting Discipleship Matters, said the Rev. Marek Zabriskie, the church’s rector. “We have been transformed by scripture engagement in our church, including of course, the Bible Challenge. We are excited to share what we have learned and to offer hospitality to conference attendees.”

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