Diocesan Lent Day - The Home of God

10:00am-3:00pm Mar 16
Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli

We're excited to welcome Miroslav Volf as the keynote speaker for a day of teaching, reflection, and workshops to help us engage with some Lenten reflection and renewal. Miroslav is an excellent thinker and stimulating communicator, and all are welcome. The day will include lunch, and there is a registration fee of $25, which can be reduced in cases of need. Our Lent Day is co-sponsored by Philadelphia Theological Institute, the Diocese and the Church of the Good Samaritan.


What Now? Reflections and Questions of Pilgrims to The Holy Land

6:00-9:00pm Jun 13
University City

Offering: for the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Christian pilgrimages, to Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago and other destinations, are experiencing a resurgence, but few think of themselves as pilgrims! Recent pilgrims to the Holy Land will discuss the biblical and theological elements in pilgrimage and ask how we do pilgrimage differently.  We’ll look at literary, missiological and sociological perspectives and maybe tackle how tourism to the Holy Land should reflect the situation in the region today.

Preaching Day - Anna Carter Florence

10:00am-3:00pm Oct 1

SCRIPTURE. We can study it carefully. We can listen to sermons on it and read what the experts say about it. But in the end, Scripture needs to be rehearsed and encountered—and we can do that best in community with others. We’ll work through concrete, practical tools for reading and rehearsing Scripture in groups. Suitable for new and seasoned Bible readers alike, this session will invite solitary readers to become community readers as well—to gather around a shared text and encounter God anew together.